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Phase 2

2007-11-13 15:58:35 by SwordsEdge7

I am abandoning all projects and starting fresh. My old ones will still be on the site. I will keep the title of the one i was working and abandon the project. As an added bonus i will remix any of my songs upon request. Hopefully I will get more of a following this time.


Song Update #3

2007-10-21 00:52:50 by SwordsEdge7

Due date has been extended for Evil Villian. Awwwwww, but i put in a loop that sounds cool. Expect it on Tuesday.

Song update #2

2007-10-16 23:08:13 by SwordsEdge7

Most of the way done. Expect surprises. Need to review. Due date on Thursday.

New song update

2007-10-14 22:26:13 by SwordsEdge7

I have decided to take a more time with my songs. I am currently creating Evil Villain. Just here to give you a report. The easy work is done and the hard work begins. Expect the song to come out on Sunday October 21st.

Ok then

2007-10-13 12:54:58 by SwordsEdge7

In light of my second song I would like to know what you would like to hear. If it is any good (and if I can make it) I will upload it. In the description section will be your name. YOU CAN MENTION WHAT IT WILL BE CALLED. If I think the name is bad. I will change it.